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Charming Handbag

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Flowers in a teacup in assortment

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Flower arrangement in a handbag M with carnations

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Flower arrangement in a hat box L Red

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Flower arrangement in an M hat box with an orchid

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Flower arrangement in a hat box Violet-white size M

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A mini flower arrangement in a small round box

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Floral handbag Heart

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Composition in a round box mini Yellow

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Composition in a black hat box

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Where to buy flowers in a composition?

Flower arrangements are a very interesting type of floral art where the master can apply all his imagination, artistic imagination and experience and create a masterpiece that will not remain unnoticed by buyers.

Our florists have professional experience, good aesthetic taste and artistic imagination, so they create really chic flower arrangements for you. Our Alissum online store offers a wide selection of such masterpieces for all tastes.

Why is it profitable to buy a flower arrangement?

Flower compositions are valued not only for their incredible beauty and individuality, but also for:

  • Unusual shapes and combinations of flowers, decorative items, sweets, alcohol, toys;
  • The flowers stay fresh thanks to the base of the oasis filled with water;
  • Flowers stand in the composition for up to 2-3 weeks.

You can buy flower arrangements:

  • For any holiday,
  • birthday,
  • for a wedding
  • on the anniversary
  • to the anniversary
  • On the child's birthday.

They also decorate with flower arrangements:

  • offices,
  • beauty salon receptionists,
  • fitness clubs,
  • work offices,
  • rooms in a house or apartment.

As a gift for a girl, you can order a flower arrangement, where flowers are combined with sweets, champagne or wine, toys, decorative items. Add a postcard, gel balls, soft toy to such a gift. You can buy a flower arrangement for a man - with flowers and expensive alcohol. But imagination can be limitless and flowers can be combined with any unusual original objects.

On our Alissum website, you will find and be able to easily order a chic author's flower arrangement to suit your taste and budget. Cheap flower arrangements look just as good due to the florist's ability to combine colors and textures of flowers, to choose inexpensive flowers. But we also have expensive flower arrangements, where expensive flowers and decor items, sweets or alcohol are used.

Types of floral compositions:

  • Flower compositions in boxes of different textures and shapes;
  • Stylish flower compositions in handbags
  • Flower arrangements in baskets
  • Flower arrangements in boxes
  • Flower arrangements in pots
  • Flower compositions in unusual objects (in lanterns, cars, unusually shaped vases and stands, flowers in heart-shaped boxes, etc.)

How to order a flower arrangement?

In the Alissum decor and flower studio, you can order an original flower arrangement for a woman, a modern flower arrangement for a man, an author's arrangement for a girl. Our florists will be happy to create a chic work of art for you to order, or you can order a flower arrangement on our website in the "Compositions" section, or by calling +380 63 140 0545.

You can pick up the composition at the Alissum studio, Kyiv, str. E. Chavdar, 8, or order the delivery of a flower arrangement across Kyiv. Delivery of flowers in Kyiv is free. In the "Current" section on the main page of the site, you can choose a bouquet or a composition for express delivery - the order is sent to a courier for delivery within 30 minutes. We also have a free "Anonymous" service when you want to make a gift anonymously.