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101 White Rose

11500,00 UAH
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101 Pink Rose

5600,00 UAH
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White tulip (Holland)

60,00 UAHpiece
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Emma's bouquet

1300,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 15 Kimberly roses

1350,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 19 Talei roses

1670,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 25 peony roses

5200,00 UAH
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Bouquet of 35 Red Roses

6300,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 39 white roses of the Beluga variety

1480,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 39 red roses

2965,00 UAH
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Bouquet of 9 roses spray Miss Bombastic

1000,00 UAH
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Bouquet of Avalanche roses

710,00 UAH
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How to choose roses?

Undoubtedly, in the world of flowers, the queen is a beautiful rose! Our Alissum online store offers a wide selection of roses by color, species and suppliers. The price per rose may vary depending on the season, producer, variety and stem length. But our online store has:
  • inexpensive roses,
  • average price per piece,
  • gorgeous expensive roses.
A rose is a flower for all seasons, which is always in the greatest demand. Roses are an indispensable, often central, component of most bouquets and flower arrangements. A bouquet of flowers with roses is not only attractive, but also special. Also, the rose is the favorite flower of most young ladies. Therefore, if you decide to choose flowers for a girl, pay attention to different types and varieties of roses. Roses are given for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, gender patties, the birth of a child, March 8, and Valentine's Day. A bouquet of roses can be given to both a girl and a man, because it is a universal flower loved by everyone.

Types of roses

In our country, roses are on sale from different producers, including Ukraine, Holland, and Ecuador. The most stable roses with large buds, 80, 100 cm high and higher are Dutch roses. Giant rose bouquets are most often ordered from such flowers, such as a bouquet of 51 roses or a bouquet of 101 roses. You can order a gorgeous bouquet of roses with 101 pieces by prior request on the website, by phone +380 63 140 0545, or in our decoration and flower studio Alissum, Kyiv, Ye. Chavdar St., 8. You can pick it up yourself, or order a bouquet of roses with free delivery in Kyiv. Roses from Ecuador are also valued for their variety of shades, flower bud and petal shapes, and durability. Cheap roses from Ukrainian producers, but such beautiful colors, shades and shapes.

Varieties of roses in demand:

  • Memory Lane
  • White Ohara
  • Beluga
  • Aqua pink
  • Miss Piggy
  • Kimberly
  • Miss Bombastic
  • Princess Bombastic
All these types and even more are presented on our site. The price of roses depends on the season, supplier, costs of delivery and storage in comfortable conditions in special refrigerators.

Popular roses now:

  • Bush roses, so-called sprays, are very popular today. Such roses are appreciated for a wide selection of delicate shades, miniature buds, a large number of inflorescences and unopened buds on one branch. From spray roses, you can create a rather lush monobouquet of roses even from 3 sprigs. Also, this flower is an indispensable addition to bouquets and flower arrangements. It will stand in your vase for up to 2 weeks or more, gradually blooming, provided good care.
  • Peony roses should be mentioned separately. They resemble peony inflorescences and look beautiful both in bouquets and individually. There are varieties of peony-like roses in the form of lush branches with 3, 4, 5 buds, and there are large roses whose heads resemble peony inflorescences. The color of such flowers can be different - from soft pink to sunny yellow.

Order petals

You can also order live rose petals to decorate your holiday, wedding or birthday on our website in a half-kilogram package for UAH 700 and a kilogram package for UAH 1,300. You can order a bouquet of roses, a bouquet of 101 roses, a bouquet of 51 roses in Kyiv on our website, by phone +380 63 140 0545, or in the Alissum offline store. Our florists will definitely help you make the best choice and collect a gorgeous bouquet of roses to order. Free bouquet delivery is available in Kyiv! We add a free postcard to the bouquet.