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101 White Rose

11500,00 UAH
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101 Pink Rose

5600,00 UAH
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15 Hydrangeas

4500,00 UAH
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75 Red Roses

12650,00 UAH
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Charming Handbag

820,00 UAH
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White tulip (Holland)

60,00 UAHpiece
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A bouquet in the style of Provence

1760,00 UAH
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Bouquet in Ukrainian style

1710,00 UAH
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Emma's bouquet

1300,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 15 Kimberly roses

1350,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 19 Talei roses

1670,00 UAH
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A bouquet of 25 peony roses

5200,00 UAH
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How to choose flowers for the holiday?

Birthday, anniversary, anniversary, wedding day, March 8, Valentine's Day - for any holiday you can choose a gift on our website. The convenient navigation of the site allows you to easily choose and order a bouquet of flowers, a flower arrangement, balloons or a special gift for a festive event. The sections of the site present offers that will suit your holiday and you can easily order a bouquet and free delivery of flowers in Kyiv for a loved one from home. In addition to flowers and bouquets, our florists also create special compositions with the addition of sweets, alcohol, fruit, balloons, unusual decor items and non-standard shapes. Flower compositions in stylish modern handbags, flowers in boxes of different sizes and colors, giant bouquets of hydrangeas, peonies, roses - 101 roses, 15 giant hydrangeas. If you are not sure what exactly you want to give, but you definitely want to surprise with your gift, our professional florists will carefully listen to you and offer exclusive special bouquets or compositions. Because we work for you and your satisfaction!

Birthday bouquet

Bright bouquets and bouquets in pastel shades, bouquets for men, bouquets for girls, inexpensive bouquets and chic giant bouquets, assembled by professional florists with great imagination and love. The bouquet chosen by you for the birthday will convey your feelings, will awaken bright and unforgettable positive emotions in the birthday boy.

Bouquet on Anniversary or anniversary

Flowers in elegant bouquets, compositions in boxes carefully selected for you on the website are suitable for a round date or anniversary. Just go to the appropriate section and view ready-made offers.

A bouquet for a woman for the birth of a child

For the child's birthday, the site has selected offers in blue and pink shades, symbolizing the birth of a boy or a girl. Along with the flowers, you can choose and order gel balls and a greeting card.

A bouquet for Valentine's Day

It is a wonderful holiday when bouquets are given to loved ones to express their feelings, declare their love, and have a romantic evening. Therefore, flowers collected in a heart-shaped bouquet of red, pink and white shades will best express your feelings. Sweets, mini-cards "Especially for you", soft toys, romantic mini-pictures, gel balls and other items that can express feelings of love, and which are also available on our website, can also be added to the flowers.

A bouquet for the New Year

To congratulate loved ones on the New Year, we created bouquets and compositions in a winter style with New Year's decor and decoration - candles, lanterns, conifer branches, exotic berries, toys. A set of sweets or a bottle of wine or other interesting and unusual gifts can be added to the flowers in the winter collection.

Fast delivery of flowers in Kyiv

Our managers will help you order flowers on the website. We will advise and select the best flowers, bouquets and compositions, add a free postcard or an exclusive card with wishes, and quickly deliver to the addressee. Delivery of bouquets in Kyiv is free. We accept orders for special exclusive gifts in advance. We also have an express order for bouquets in Kyiv - in 30 minutes we give the courier service for delivery only from the offers on the main page of the site in the Current section. We accept orders on the website and by phone +380 63 140 0545 and deliver from 800 until 2230 every day without days off.