Alyssum Decor | Flower delivery service in Kyiv

01. Delivery and Returns

  • We accept orders on the website and by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for same-day fulfillment.
  • For next day delivery and any other day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m

The price of flower delivery in Kyiv and the region:

  • Delivery of flowers to all districts of Kyiv is FREE
  • Delivery in the Kyiv region depends on the place of residence of the recipient and is calculated individually

Flower delivery time in Kyiv and the region:

  • The time of flower delivery depends on the recipient's location and road conditions
  • Regarding possible delivery delays, the customer will be informed in advance and during the delivery process

Night delivery of flowers in Kyiv:

  • In connection with the curfew until the end of martial law in Ukraine, we do not deliver flowers at night

Express delivery of flowers in Kyiv:

  • Express delivery refers to the order of flowers from the Current section on the main page of the site from the offers of ready-made bouquets, compositions and gifts available on the day of the order
  • Such an order is delivered to the courier service within 30 minutes of receiving the order. Delivery time is individual
  • Express delivery of flowers in Kyiv is FREE

Delivery of flowers "Anonymous":

  • Alyssum flower studio has a free "Anonymous" delivery service if you want to deliver a bouquet or composition to the recipient anonymously as a surprise. To order such a service, you just need to notify the manager by phone or online chat.
Other information about flower delivery:
  • The order of a bouquet or composition can be changed due to the availability of flowers. Thus, the floral composition may differ from the image on the website.
  • All changes are made with your consent, provided that the style, colors and shape of the bouquet, as well as the cost of the order, are preserved. You will be notified of possible changes after ordering.
  • When ordering a bouquet through the website, you will receive information about the cost of the order and delivery conditions by e-mail.
  • Our sellers monitor the freshness of delivered orders and maintain a high level of service. If you received a stale bouquet, or you are not satisfied with the quality of the flowers, we will replace it with a similar, fresh version, or we will offer you a refund and cancel the order if you are not satisfied with this version.
  • Due to force majeure circumstances on the roads or for other objective reasons, delivery by the courier service may be delayed from the time specified by you. You will be notified in advance of all delays.
  • In order to fulfill the order exactly on time, the courier calls the recipient in advance and agrees to receive the order according to the time and place. The courier waits for the recipient of the gift at the place of delivery for no more than 20 minutes. If the courier did not wait for the recipient and could not contact him by phone, as well as could not deliver the order to the specified address, he returns the order to the warehouse. In this case, repeat delivery is possible, the cost of which is calculated individually. You must coordinate such redelivery with the online store manager.
  • In case of the absence of the recipient, rejection of the order, impossibility of delivering the order, the courier service will call you and find out the circumstances, offer to transfer the order to other persons (concierge, security, neighbors). If it is impossible to contact the recipient and the customer, the order will be returned to the store. Re-delivery of the order is possible, the cost of which is calculated individually.
Alyssum Decor | Flower delivery service in Kyiv

02. Forms of payment

  • Payment through the website, on the page of the bouquet or composition in the section "Go to payment" or by the link sent to you by e-mail after confirming the order.
  • Visa / MasterCard and Google / Apple Pay cards of any bank, any currency, regardless of the country in which you are located, are accepted for payment on the site.
  • If you choose a one-click order, the payment will be made directly on the website.
  • According to PrivatBank or Monobank card details.
  • Payment through the terminal or the Privat24 service.
  • Payment by card.

Order return - conditions:

  • Alissum decor and flower studio delivers only FRESH flowers, as we order flowers directly from greenhouses. If you are not satisfied with the freshness of the bouquet when you receive it, you have the right to change the flowers or cancel the order.
  • The Alissum company takes care of its customers, directing all its efforts to support quality flower delivery services across Ukraine.
  • In case of cancellation of the order, the money will be returned to you in full within 3 working days.
We value your time and money, making every effort to deliver the freshest flowers of the highest quality.